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Russia's plan for Ukraine. The main mistakes of the West in understanding Russia. Part 2

Continuation. The first part is here

Recently, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev addressed Russians against the backdrop of a map of Eastern Europe that demonstrates the Kremlin's aspirations.

On this map, the Russians have left Ukrainians only the territories around Kyiv. It seems that they even cut off the borders of the Kyiv region. In other words, Kremlin ideologues dream of a tiny "stump" of Ukraine. Of course, with a Moscow-controlled governor and his puppet administration. The fugitive Viktor Yanukovych, for example, could be considered a Russian protege by Moscow. Or Putin's godfather Viktor Medvedchuk, who has recently become unexpectedly active, filing lawsuits in courts to regain his Ukrainian citizenship. According to these plans, Russia plans to seize about 80-90% of Ukraine's territory, cut it off completely from the sea, and "give" the western regions of Ukraine to the Poles and Romanians. This is a plan that the Kremlin has already voiced through the mouth of the late Russian fascist Vladimir Zhirinovsky. It seems that the Kremlin has once again returned to a similar plan to destroy Ukraine and has instructed another Russian high-ranking official and former president, Dmitry Medvedev, to voice it.

Of course, this raises moral questions for Ukraine's Western partners: will Western civilization be able to exist if some of its members try to participate in this act, together with the Russians? In fact, in the act of "black transplantologists" who are going to "disassemble" Ukraine into parts, pieces and vital organs and transplant them into the bodies of their countries? And this is after all the safeguards against a new war on the continent, in the form of agreements on the inviolability of borders and the final Helsinki Act of 1975? Meanwhile, the Russians realize that such "proposals" can stir up brute force within the civilized world. After all, some "politicians" in the West have already declared their readiness to "include Ukrainian territories" in their states. Fortunately, these are marginalized figures who have no influence on the policies of the governments of the EU and NATO. Not yet, anyway.

But what does the map, against which the Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council is speaking, indicate? It shows a clear plan to seize the state of Ukraine, destroy it, and take possession of all its resources and assets.

People as a resource

Any empire needs to increase the number of subjects who can be used as cheap labor or cannon fodder. Russia is facing a severe demographic problem, and Putin has spoken publicly about the danger of this problem to Russia's future. However, it is unlikely that people forcibly incorporated by Putin into his empire (federation) have the prospect of a peaceful life under the Russian flag. The experience of mobilization of the local population in the occupied territories by the Russians shows that the prospect of being turned into "cannon fodder" in the assault units of the Russian army is much more realistic for these people. The same applies to children who have been taken by Russia from the occupied Ukrainian territories. Involved in Putin's Youth Army and "reprogrammed" by Russian propaganda, they have a chance to return to Ukraine. But as part of the occupation units of the Russian army. In general, by abducting Ukrainian children, the Russians are trying to alleviate another pressing problem in Russia: the demographic crisis and the steady trend of the Russian population aging. Vladimir Putin has repeatedly said that Russia is descending into a childbearing pit. And that one of the ways to counteract this is through migration." This looks especially cynical when Ukrainian children taken to Russia are being turned into Russians. In general, Russian practices of militarizing the population from childhood are not only not hidden, but are also promoted by the Russian state in every possible way.

Putin, money and seized assets

It should not be forgotten that Putin has had a "businessman" inside him since the mid-1990s, when this KGB officer, under the guise of Russian "democrat" and St. Petersburg Mayor Anatoly Sobchak, smuggled hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Russian oil and timber to the West. By the way, the investigative commissions set up at that time did not answer the question of where these hundreds of millions of dollars disappeared-they never made it into the city budget. Now add to this the luxurious lifestyle of the Russian president and his oligarch entourage-all those incredibly expensive yachts, palaces, limousines (which were also investigated by the foundation of Alexei Navalny, who recently died in a Russian colony) to understand: Putin and his entourage are not at all the kind of dictators who lead, at least in public, an ascetic lifestyle. That is, Putin and his entourage need money not only for the army. They also need it to provide for a different public that dreams of seized wealth and large-scale raiding, the instrument of which is war. Not so long ago, Vladimir Putin said that the seized Ukrainian territories are "our conquests." That is, he thinks in terms of Genghis Khan. Or Hitler. In Putin's coordinate system, this is a logical and understandable phenomenon: the conquest of assets, territories, and people. Yes, and people. In the occupied territories.

This article is not intended to frighten citizens of the free world. Fear is not the best way to defend against a potential aggressor. Rather, this is an attempt to suggest that we think about how the balance of power will change if Russia takes over Ukraine's potential, resources, and assets. After all, Putin is demonstrating the following policy: all Russian losses in the war against Ukraine are worth the goal that he has formulated and continues to do so quite clearly: the capture of all of Ukraine. The Russian dictator considers these losses to be necessary investments in obtaining enormous assets that will strengthen Russia in its confrontation with Western civilization. By understanding the existing threats, Euro-Atlantic civilization has a chance to avoid a catastrophic scenario. But for this to happen, we must clearly realize that Ukraine cannot be occupied by Russia by definition. Russia's war against Ukraine is already perceived as Russia's war against Europe. In particular, this is evidenced by the recent statements of French President Emanuel Macron. It is in this context that Ukraine, which has been actively and successfully resisting Russian aggression for 11 years, needs effective support from its partner countries. It is effective and concrete support and assistance, not political pre-election confrontation, which, to be honest, has already dragged on too long.

Блог автора – матеріал, який відображає винятково точку зору автора. Текст блогу не претендує на об'єктивність та всебічність висвітлення теми, яка у ньому піднімається. Редакція "Української правди" не відповідає за достовірність та тлумачення наведеної інформації і виконує винятково роль носія. Точка зору редакції УП може не збігатися з точкою зору автора блогу.

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